-Let's travel from Shanghai to France and get married there next year!


-Wait, what? Are you serious babe? ;)

This type of conversations are not so usual, but more and more Asian couples desire to get married in France. If I need to be more specific in South of France.

One of the most wanted location for many destination weddings in the past 10 years. France is welcoming hungreds of destination weddings every year. 13 million tourists flock here every year, accounting for a total of 83 million overnight stays in Côte d’Azur France, a destination that includes the Alpes-Maritimes, a part of the Var and the Principality of Monaco.

Is it possible to organize a wedding in France, while you are based in China? Can you organize your holidays, bridal shower and wedding at the same location?

Well, the answer is Yes with double Y!

It is possible and it is worthy!

The question is why many families are doubling this wonderful adventure and idea.

Trust me, I know what it is to have a dream but to feel confused about it.

When it comes the time to organize a destination wedding, often the anxiety is becoming bigger. All couples are asking themselfs so many questions. From where to start, how much will cost and who will be available to help them.

The role of the wedding planner is to understand the needs of her clients and build the entire wedding planning project BUT the purpose of the wedding planner is to expand the expectation of her clients with quality of service and much more.

The wedding traditions are not the same anymore. The concept to organize a destination wedding is a pure new concept. Most couples are willing to travel and get married far away from their birthplace. The balance between holiday trip, wedding and short honeymoon sounds exciting, isn't it? Book your free wedding trial with us and let's start your destination wedding planning today!

Best wedding wishes,

Mira Michael

Destination Wedding Planner