How to choose a wedding dress? Question for 1 million $ :)

Choosing a wedding dress is an lifetime event to celebrate.

Bridal magazines are a great way to get a sense of what kinds of dresses are on the market in this season. Even though you may have an idea of what kind of fit you're looking for, there are still many other factors to choosing your dream wedding dress. Google is another great resource to turn to.

You can find so many websites that have amazing wedding dress galleries, and you can also search for your preference in dresses. When you are ready with the selection, you can make a mood board so you can access the pictures from your phone. What about the color of your ideal dress. Is it a traditional white dress, champagne, pink or another color? Oh yes, why not ? ;)

Please, set a budget before the shooping! Ask your friends, family and dog for support, xoxo. Make appointment in good wedding showroom. Choose to go somewhere , where you can trust fully the bridal experts working as consultants.

Please don't be anxious about your appointment! Share your favourite photos and ideas with the bridal consultant. She or he will be happy to guide you with professional advices.Tell your consultant what color and style of dress you are looking for. Take your time to try as many dresses is possible.

Choose to try something classical, modern and extravagant. What about pink wedding dress or classical long dentelle wedding dress? Open your spirit for something new. This is your moment and you deserve to feel like a princess. Don't be discouraged, if you don't find your dream wedding dress from the first store. Keep searching, your perfect dress is waiting for you patiently.