Let's talk business! Mira are you doing this job only for money or you truly love it? This is a very important question that I ask myself sometimes.

Let me be honest with you. I am doing it for money, of course!


If you want to be a prosperous entrepreneur, you need to love what you do!

Entrepreneurs are important for the economy and society.

I am a proud entrepreneur and founder of my agency Mira Michael Events.

Let me share my business secrets with you.

Everything is your mind. My business was born in my mind first.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you cannot be afraid! Simply you cannot be afraid what people will think about you, you cannot be afraid that you can fail or that you will be rejected. Why? Because fear is a LIAR. You are born to succeed! You were the fastest sperm. Never forget you came into this world as a winner. Think BIG, don't allow fear to hold you back. We are living in the best time of history when businesses are starting every day. The time is on your side. You have something to offer, that many people are needing in this hour. Read and Pray More! Educate yourself, find the right sources of information. The psychology of the entrepreneur is the mindset of a winner. Entrepreneurs will seek challenges but usually will not get involved in businesses where there is very little chance of success. Enjoy the process, sometimes it doesn't work from the first try. You must be patient and perseverant. Take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Trust God, trust your intuition! One very important thing, stay humble and honest. Your clients and partners will appreciate these qualities more than your talent. Give when you don't know if you will receive in return. Be the giver and the winner that you are born to be in this world and never EVER give up!